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    Recover Product Key v.1.1.2

    KDT Recover Product Key enables the user to recover and change product keys for Microsoft® Windows, Office and Norton Anti-Virus.

    Recover a product key in seconds
    Change a product key in seconds
    Ability to alter registration details of each product
    Ability to save old product keys to a .txt file

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Latest Releases

Password Protect Files v.1.0

Instantly secure your PC by password-protecting important files and directories with KDT Password Protect Files.

Secure both files and directories via password
Hide important files and directories from the computer
Gain simple access to the file archive
Restore files/directories from the click of a mouse

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Site Blocker

KDT Site Blocker is a fully functional website blocker that enables the user to easily to filter and modify access to specific websites.

Simple installation process
Secure password protected interface
Ability to block an unlimited number of websites
Compatible with all website browsers

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