Company Information

    KDT Soft. KDT Soft. Software Solutions, KDT Group.
    Founder: Mr. Karl David Talbot
    HQ Location: Western Europe

    Who are We?

    We consider ourselves a small, sustainable e-commerce business that is committed to providing simple, affordable and reliable software solutions for our customers.

    Our company was founded in late 2006, a year in which saw us set an initial 12-month goal to achieve a net profit of some kind. Ambitious, but possible, our target was no easy feat for any new software company after a single year. This was especially true considering the competitive nature of third-party software development in the 21st Century boom of electronic commerce.

    The two months following the successful development of our first software product, KDT Recover Product Key, we were delighted to announce a significant profit much earlier than we anticipated. Despite the pleasant surprise, we owed our achievement to our substantial forward-thinking and commitment towards our main philosophy. A philosophy that has now officially enabled us to compete with the big players in the third-party software market.

    Our Philosophy

    Prior to our formation we noticed that a lot of current third-party software developers outside the big corporations (Microsoft®, Adobe® & apple® etc.) were making money by selling useful tools to everyday individuals. However, many of these small-to-medium developers had high download statistics but with poor conversion rates. As a result, our company took the opinion that it would be more desirable to have high conversion sale rates in order to sacrifice high prices. The result? High quality software - high sale conversion rates - low prices.

    To date, our philosophy has enabled us to achieve consecutive profits, a high percentage of which we have re-invested into the business.

    Relation to the Customer

    As with all successful companies, we understand that a positive relation to the customer is what ultimately determines the quality of our business. As a result, we make it our utmost priority to place a significant emphasis on enabling each and every one of our customers to feel part of our revolution. We pride ourselves on treating our customers with the utmost respect and honesty and appreciate all feedback we receive - positive or negative! If you have a question, a proposition or would like to leave us some valued feedback, please contact us. We guarantee a fast reply to all of our emails, with absolutely no obligation towards us.

    Prices & Support

    All of our prices are based upon the cost and expected return of our products. Remember that we exist to produce top-quality software at very low prices. In the markets we compete in, we believe that our value-for-money is unrivalled. This is based not only on the quality of our products, but also by the dedication we inject into the development of each and every one of our software solutions. All customer support is free and unlimited, both before and after sale.

    Wish to find out more? Please contact us.

    For a number of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ page.