Licence Information

The following licencing information relates to full versions of our products. Demo and Trial versions of our products are licened as shareware.

Purchases made direct from are for a single retail licence, personal or commercial, unless otherwise stated. Retail licences do not expire and therefore do not have to be renewed. Single licences are not to be duplicated onto other computers, personal or commercially.

What does a single retail licence entitle me to do?
A single retail licence of KDT Software products, enables the user to use the licence of our software on a single computer for either personal or commercial use. Our licences do not expire, and therefore do not have to be renewed.

Can I transfer licences between computers?
Yes, assuming the original copy of the licence is formally transferred and not duplicated. For instance, users wishing to transfer licences of one our products on a different computer, will have to delete the original copy of our software on their original computer.

Where can I find information on commercial and non-profit volume discounts?
Information relating to commercial volume and non-profit licence discounts can be found here and here respectively.