Terms of use

The following terms must be agreed and adhered to in order to download and use products from KDT Soft.

'You' refers to 'the user'.
'Our' refers to 'KDT Soft.'

1) When purchasing and/or downloading our respective software, you agree that you are only obtaining a single retail license to use that software to one identified computer machine unless otherwise stated. You also agree not to publish or make unlicensed copies of our software.

2) You agree not to borrow/lend or host full retail licenses our software, and you also agree to use our software for legal purposes only. You understand that it is your (the users) responsibility to use our software in the correct manner.

3) You accept that we are not responsible how our users use the software. You understand that we can not be held responsible should the unlikely event of our software effecting your PC machine's hardware/software in an unexpected way.

4) You agree not to edit our software source code, and you also agree not to re-distribute our full retail licensed software to other people/machines.

5) You understand that purchases made direct from kdtsoft.com are for a single retail license, for personal or commercial purposes, unless otherwise stated. You acknowledge that retail licenses are not to be duplicated onto other computers, for either personal or commercial purposes.

6) You are aware that the payment methods 'KDT Soft' uses are external and 'KDT Soft' cannot be held responsible for any errors and/or issues in payment transactions. All payment methods are processed externally by Verified methods.

7) You understand that 'KDT Soft' reserves the right to amend these Terms of use conditions at any time.

End of Terms of use.