KDT Web History Tracker

Monitor and track all internet activity via password-protected logs

KDT Web History Tracker enables the user to track and log internet activity via a professional password-protected interface. The application includes the ability to run discreetly and automatically upon Windows start-up.

The software comes complete with a simple and effective way of delivering log file information; including date and time of website and URLs visited, in addition to offering the ability to view visited websites.

Importantly, KDT Web History Tracker also works when internet cookies, cache and/or history have been deleted in addition to being able to run even when 'private browsing' features are active within a browser.

With KDT Web History tracker, employees need no longer worry about office workers abusing their internet access rights. Parents need no longer worry about their children falling victim to potential internet threats. KDT Web History Tracker is the ultimate tool for eliminating long-term suspicion, thus ensuring a safer environment for internet users.

Key Features:

Track website history of every user on your PC
View detailed logs of websites visited
Features a simple password-protected interface
Starts automatically upon start-up
Works even if 'private browsing' features are enabled
Works when cookies/cache/history have been deleted
Compatible with all internet browsers

USD $6.99 / CAD $6.89 / AUD $6.79 / GBP £4.99 / EUR €5.50

Compatible with: Windows® 95, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows® ME, Windows® NT, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista 32-bit, Windows® Vista 64-bit, Windows® 7  32-bit, Windows® 7  64-bit